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Who we are

Westwood Baptist Church has been in existence since 1964. We are united by a Mission : Deeper, Closer, Wider. We are led by our team including Pastors, Elders and Deacons.


Deeper as Disciples

We want our church to be a place of rich, fertile soil that encourages deep roots of growth.

We want to help you mature in your personal walk with God.

Closer as community

We want to build community, it is part of our DNA.

We seek to build a close community… a family… a real fellowship where all the find the church to be a safe community place.

Wider in our Witness

 As a church we want to share our faith. To share the good news about Jesus.

We want our church to be a light in the community, our workplaces, neighbourhoods and social circles.


Our Mission in detail

Deeper as Disciples

As Christians we should all be growing deeper in our relationship with God and such growth
is an ongoing life-long process.

God’s desire for his church is that it will be a place that encourages and inspires individuals
to want to grow deeper in their relationship with Him.

We long to see a developing sense of everyone in the church hungering for and recognising
their need to grow deeper as disciples.

Closer as Community

The previous area (Deeper as Disciples) was about providing everyone in the church an
atmosphere and opportunity to grow deeper in their Christian faith.

However, as Christian disciples we are not islands, concerned only with our own growth. We
are called to grow deeper within a community of faith. This community is so important, not only for us to be able to encourage one another to grow deeper, but because where Christian community is done well, it is a powerful witness.

True Christian community, operating like family, is a deeply attractive witness. So many people in society today feel lost, isolated and dislocated. The church should be the place, above all others, that demonstrates community… demonstrates family… that provides a place people can truly call home and become disciples themselves.

We long to be a community where people feel they have come home.

Wider in our Witness

The previous two areas (Deeper as Disciples & Closer as Community) have been about the
nurture and growth of the believers within the church, which is essential.

However, from the Bible references listed at the beginning, the purpose of the church is not
just for the care and blessing of the believers. If that becomes the sole purpose of the church
it simply becomes an inward-looking self-interested group of people. Although we seek to be a close community, to the point of being a family to one another, the previous two areas are not an end in themselves. The nurture and growth of Christians in the church is for the
purpose of them being strengthened to go out and share the blessing with those out with the
church. As Bishop William Temple once famously said, “The Church is the only institution
that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are its non-members.” The good news of
Jesus Christ is too good for us to keep to ourselves… it is a gift we must share with a hurting and unaware world!

We long to keep at the heart of our purpose, that we are here for those who do not yet know
the hope that Jesus offers.

Our People

Our Pastors

Rev Mark Pexton (Pastor)

I’m Mark Pexton – married to Maria.  We have two grown up sons, now ploughing their own furrows, but both following Jesus!

I’ve been a Baptist pastor since 1999 (1999-2007 at Castlehill Baptist Church in Bearsden; 2007-2018 at Leven Baptist Church in Fife; 2018- at Westwood Baptist).

For Maria and myself, Jesus has given our lives meaning, purpose, direction and hope.  I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had never come to know and follow him.  Many people are under the false assumption that being a Christian is a really boring life-choice.  Nothing could be further from the truth! Life has become an adventure, following his plan rather than our own – and it has led us to places we would never have imagined or sought, but which have made our lives so much richer and more fulfilling than if we had been in charge of the direction.

We long for church to be a place where people can grow in relationship with our heavenly Father.  Where people can deepen in relationship with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.  And where people are encouraged to reach out to others to offer something of the hope and meaning that we have discovered in Christ.  We long for church to be more than friendly… we long for it to be family.  That when people are among us they feel like they have come home.

Rev Irene Campbell (Family and Community Pastor)

My name is Irene Campbell and in November 2018 I was called to my present post as Family and Community Pastor.  I am the Sector leader for children and young people and I am part of the worship and prayer ministry teams.

I am married to John and have a beautiful daughter, Rachel, who is at University.  I love to sing, dance and spend time with my family and friends.  

Previously I was Depute Head Teacher in a Glasgow secondary school, in charge of Pupil Support and Pastoral Care.  It was as great job as I love working with teenagers.  I have a particular interest in using nurturing  principles to support young people to be well physically and emotionally.  I am a trained counsellor and for almost three years I was a liaison teacher with the Mental Health team in Glasgow doing individual and group work therapy sessions for young people experiencing difficulties with low mood, low self esteem, self harm, anger and eating disorders.

In the summer of 2017 I retired, but the rest that I anticipated was cut short as God guided me to enrol at the Scottish Baptist College and study for the ministry.  I have been accepted for accreditation as a minister by the Baptist Union of Scotland and will be serving at Westwood.

Our Elders

Greg Fourie

Greg and Jenny arrived in Scotland, with their daughter Cassidy, in 2002, coming from South Africa where Greg had worked as a church pastor for nine years.  They joined WBC in 2005 and their warmth, energy, enthusiasm and cross-cultural perspective were an immediate blessing to us.  It was not long before their singing and Greg’s guitar playing skills found expression in the praise band.  Greg now leads the music ministry in the fellowship.  Cassidy’s brother Oliver was born in 2008 and Greg was appointed as an elder in 2009.

Greg’s favourite Bible passage is Ephesians 3;16-20 “ … that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. …”

Jeanne Neal

Jeanne’s first visit to WWBC was in 1969 as a (very, very!) young Jeanne Mitchell.  She and Andy were baptised there not long after – by Rev Jim Murdoch who wore fishing waders.  Jeanne has worked in many areas of the church’s life over the years and has experienced most of the ups and downs.  For many years she organised the praise band.  When she retired from the job she loved as Head of Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies at Uddingston Grammar School she joined Healing Rooms Scotland.  She and Andy are now directors of the Healing EK and Jeanne regularly teaches  training courses, specialising in the innerer healing ministry.

A teacher and evangelist, Jeanne’s focus is on seeing folk saved, healed and delivered; equipped and released for the work of the Kingdom of God.

Our Deacons

Alan MacIntyre (Treasurer)

Andy Neal (Fabric)

John Gray (Secretary)

Gavin Lynch (Projects Manager)

Marilyn MacArthur (Pastoral Care)